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Rules & Regulations
Better response on post Rules & Regulations
Please Follow These Simple Rules.

1:Do not post papers or Images which contains Watermark/Name of any other website.

2: Only English language is allowed here any post that contains any other language will be removed immediately.

3: Do not post your mobile numbers otherwise you will be BANNED.

4: Do not post your email id otherwise you will be BANNED.

5: Do not post any link any other site otherwise you will BANNED.

6: If you posted something paper/rout/chart/tips etc that belongs to anyone else give him a Credit in your post.

7: Do not use abusive language otherwise you will BANNED.

8: Properly Watermark your Papers/Charts/Tips with following text before posting ""

You can not Post Duplicate post.
It means if Someone has already Posted something like Paper/chart/image then you can not post it again. If i Find any Duplicate Paper of post i will Immediately Delete the Complete thread. So Please First check and Verify and then post.

Of course Click the "Thank You" Button. Big Grin

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