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How to Post a New Thread/Topic
Assalam o Alaikum All

i am creating this post just to help members here who don't understand how to create a new post/thread in forum, Many People ask about it so i thought it would be good to make a thread with some instructions.

I will Write and also post screenshot so it will be easy for everyone to understand.

A Simple 4 Step Method to Post a New Thread.

Step One

Click On "NEW THREAD" Button

[Image: nwZ32SP.png]

Step Two

Write the Title of your Thread/Topic in "Thread Subject"

Step Three

Type your Message in "Your Message Box"

[Image: 7x1bjZM.png]

Step Four

Now Click On "POST THREAD" Button

[Image: xRRK6Ei.png]

I Hope Everyone Understands. Smile



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