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4 Digits [ 16th May 2014 ]
Hi Everyone

So the Game is Over and i was really waiting for the Result Outcome, It was Quite Embarrassing and Of-course Un-expected :Sad

First of All I want to Tell you that These Players Dissapointed me. I was not expecting this Type of Result from these Players. Their 4 Digits Fails Completely.

Doller -- 0138 -- (Fail)
Majnial -- 0468 -- (Fail)
Padesi -- 0468 -- (Fail)
PrinceSumon2013 -- 0568 -- (Fail)
RAJ -- 5068 -- (Fail)
Razzi.Ch -- 3680 -- (Fail)

This is the Reason I Briefly Described everything about How Important your 4 Digits are. This is not an easy Task Some People just Think they can just Write their 4 Digits Tass and that's It, No This isn't. You Have to Properly Workout on your Digits, you Have to Find the Most Prominent Digits One By One. This is not a Kid Game to Predict 4 Digits.


Now Let me Tell you the Names of Our Super Players who posted their 4 Digits and 2 Digits Came from there 4 Strongest Digits.

Jewel Abrar -- 0259 -- (Pair 29)
Chai -- 0179 -- (Pair 79)
suresh114311 -- 0127 -- (Pair 27)
Rajasingh -- 0257 -- (Pair 27)
Shajitbaby -- 2690 -- (Pair29)
Theking -- 0379 -- (Pair 79)

They Deserve a Big Hand of Applause Guys, Clap. :thumb

Now Here are the Name of Players Which Passed Their 4 Digits with 1 Digit.

TopGun -- 1359
BvgBlacklisted -- 2468
Anshadriyad01 -- 1359
Mr.Khaled -- 0248
G9 -- 9430
Irfan99 -- 1236
Jalal4180 -- 6938
Mrhassan -- 1495
NadeemSanam -- 7340
Naeemulkabir -- 6713
Negro -- 8746
OnikMahmud -- 3478
Qadeerulhaq -- 0489
RizwanKhan -- 1689
Roti143 -- 1357
Samad777 -- 2485
Staxiong -- 6832
ThaiKhan -- 0268

1 Digit Pass out of their 4 Digits, But They Need to Focus Alot More & More to Make Their Digits Unbeatable so They can have at least a Pair from their 4 Digits.

These Players Have not Participated in This Task Will Try To Make them Participate in Coming Game, If They Will not, Of course there Must be a Punishment from Those.



Read These Points Carefully & Make Them Stick in your Mind You Have 14 Days Left for This Task, Just Imagine All you have to To Is Find the Most Powerful 4 Digits In 14 Days Which Will Drop At-least Two Digits in Winning Number (A Pair).

1. You will create your Most Strongest Unbreakable 4 Digits One By One. At-least 2 Digits (Pair) Should Must Come out of your 4 Best Digits.
2. Don't Follow Cut Digits, It Will Deceive you anytime. Just Find The Strong Digits One by One From Different Analysis and I can Assure you that your Digits will Never Fail
3. You will have 14 Days to create these Strongest Digits on every draw so make sure you create .most strongest 4 Digits in which you think that at-least a pair will come out of these 4 Digits
4. Don't Take These 4 Digit Task Easy. Its not Easy, you have to Work on your Digits to Make them Unbreakable. Rinse Repeat, Double Check your Digits from Different Formulas and Analysis to Make Sure they Are the Perfect 4 Digits.

Now You Have 14 Days to Prepare your 4 Digits, So Let the Workout Begins.

If you have any Question Feel Free to Ask.

next time i well try my best.

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Dont Post Your Digits Before 14th May. I will ask everyone to post His Digits on 14th May. Till Than you can Workout on your Digits.
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dear friends nd bro, pls try best four digit means all in four digit...its not simple but try nd try nd try....may b success.......
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(05-03-2014, 05:36 PM)theking Wrote: dear friends nd bro, pls try best four digit means all in four digit...its not simple but try nd try nd try....may b success.......

Exactly My Friend, This is What i Want Everyone to Understand, Predicting a Pair in 4 Digits is not an easy Task, you have to be very Conscious about how you choose your Best 4 Digits. So my Advise is that 14 Days are enough to Workout on your 4 Digits, I can Guarantee you that if you Honestly Workout on Finding your 4 Digits in these 14 Days, All 3 Digits will be in your 4 Digits. But Honesty and Pure Analysis is Required.

Simple Formula is how you Spend your 14 Days to Find the 4 Best Digits (A Pair Must).

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